Erasmus+ - Refugees Crisis

Recent Project News

Visiting the new Refugee Center of Lisbon

Visiting the new Refugee Center of Lisbon

At the 23rd of january of the current year all the delegations that belong to the project, had the possibility to visite the new center of refugees at Lisbon called "CPR - Conselho Português para os Refugiados".

“Kick off Meeting”

Description of the meeting At school: Warm up activities for a better acquaintance. Presentation of partner institutions. Exchange of previous experience each institution has on refugee issues; Discuss the process if choosing the logo of the the project -each partner will bring a logo designed by the students;

Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

Meeting with refugees supervised and cared for in our refugee center. Interviews and debates about the reasons of escaping from their home country. All together taking part in activities at the hosting school and the refugee center.(e.g. games to precise prejudices, called UP and DOWN)